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Two Young Yorkshire comedians with disabilities team up to make the nation laugh out loud

Updated: Mar 5, 2022

Jack Carroll and Pete Selwood in association with the Last Laugh present Comedy Live at the Lescar

(Left to right: Jack Carroll and Pete Selwood - Photo Andy Hollingworth)

Yorkshire comedy duo and best friends, Jack Carroll and Pete Selwood have been handed the reins, in the form of curating and hosting, of the famous Lescar Comedy Club in Sheffield every Thursday evenings. The duo take up the role in partnership with BBC Radio Sheffield’s Toby Foster who manages Last Laugh Comedy Clubs, the longest running comedy club in Yorkshire and a big name on the national comedy circuit.

The Lescar has been referred to as ‘the best small comedy club in the UK’ by Mock The Week’s Dara O Brian, and is now run by two comedians from the heart of Yorkshire with disabilities who are inspiring and entertaining the nation.

Jack Carroll said: "The Lescar has been the home of alternative comedy in Yorkshire since 1985 and we are beyond delighted to be carrying on that legacy alongside comedy powerhouse Toby Foster’s Last Laugh comedy clubs. Pete has one hand and I have cerebral palsy, so alongside comedy expertise, we should be able to bring a lot of government grants!”

Pete Selwood said: " It’s an absolute honour to be taking over such an iconic venue for both comedy and the city of Sheffield. The club itself has been running longer than I have been alive so we look forward to bringing in the laughs, giving new talent a platform and keeping it going for the future generations to come"

In 2013, 14-year old Jack Carroll took the Britain's Got Talent audience, the judges and the public by storm on the seventh series where he became overall runner up with his stand-up routine poking fun at his own disability. On walking onto the stage with the help of his infamous frame, he was asked to introduce himself to which he replied to the panel, “I’m a professional gymnast!” and gained a roaring laugh from all in the room. Since his appearance on the popular TV show, Jack has gone from strength to strength breaking the taboos around the subject of disability, refreshingly opening up the conversation with his edgy humour.

People enjoy the way Jack approaches his cerebral palsy with humour ensuring the subject can be discussed openly and frankly. Jack believes in comedy, ‘a lot of the time, your weaknesses are your strengths. It’s like the elephant in the room and when you mention it, the audience can relax and they can then enjoy the jokes’. It couldn’t be explained anymore accurately today. Jack speaks from a unique position and manages to deliver the message through his natural humour.

The Lescar club was originally founded back in 1982 when Stand-up Comedian, Actor and Presenter Roger Monkhouse decided to run a comedy club in Hunter’s bar. Years down the line, it is still there making folk laugh with a dose of comedy every Thursday night. The tiny room behind the Lescar has seen the biggest acts in the country from time to time, like Peter Kay, Jimmy Carr, Dara O’Briain, Johnny Vegas and Al Murray.

For more information about the comedy club and it’s programme visit the club website


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Combining the best in British pub hospitality with individuality, character and quirky charm, The Lescar is just a short stroll from the hustle bustle of Sheffield’s Ecclesall Road. Reassuringly old-fashioned with a bohemian edge, The Lescar is a vibrant British pub offering the warmest of welcomes. The comedy night now being curated by Jack Carroll and Pete Selwood in partnership with The Last Laugh Comedy Club takes place every Thursday.

Toby Forster and Last Laugh Comedy Clubs

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