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Comedian, writer, and Performer

"Paul Byrne is the funniest and most bonkers ex detective there has ever been!" Arthur Smith 

Paul Byrne, now stand-up comedian, writer and performer, was a police officer in the Metropolitan Police where he progressed to the rather intense roles of missing persons and calling the shots as a  Firearms Tactics Commander on firearms incidents and hostage-takers.  He worked as a Detective Sergeant in the Murder Squad before becoming a Detective Inspector.  Paul recently left the Met Police after 25 years deciding the life of comedy is more for him, and what a plethora of experiences he has been able to select his material from.

The comedic guru, Arthur Smith has mentored Paul as he instantly recognised and appreciated the original, surrealist humour Paul portrayed. 

Paul volleys an extreme satirical performance at his audience, holding nothing back and with plenty of swears to delight the audience and to break the taboos in policing.  Paul has appeared at several fringe festivals and remains extremely active in producing podcasts with online video content and animation.  He has a successfully published novel along with several short stories and is a level 2 cricket coach!

Paul’s one hour show entitled, ‘All Coppers Are Bastards.  A Life In Policing’ will be performed in front of a live audience who are bound to enjoy a hilarious evening finding themselves experiencing areas they haven’t otherwise been before, but they will be very glad they did!

For media interviews and gig bookings contact: 

Publicist: Sofia Cann.

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Photography: Stephen Young 


CALL THE POLICE - There's a Comedian Around 

A Funny – and Tragic – Memoir of Life in the Met

by Paul Byrne

“A fascinating account – full of tragic and hilarious stories shot through with Byrne’s wonderful appreciation of the absurdity of life...”ARTHUR SMITH

Book on Sale late March 2024 – Pre-order your copy now via Scratching Shed publications



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"When you see Paul Byrne perform it is hard to realise he is an ex murder detective. He has a surreal lightness of touch that becomes funnier and more bonkers the longer he goes on. Witty, original and liable to make you gasp and laugh at the same time, he will surely make a big impact in the comedy world." Comedian Arthur Smith (Grumpy Old Men, Red Dwarf). 

Photography: Stephen Young 

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